Don't stop dreaming and hoping!


We believe that the whole world is suffering from covid19. The Philippines is not the only country suffering, but we are working on a project to help the underprivileged in the country, most especially the children who have potential. As a charity, we are working with the help of individuals and companies.

We would like to help the children of the Philippines on a wider scale.

They want to study online, but the internet environment is not good.
They don't have the computers when they need to study.
They are in need of food f or today and tomorrow.
There are no medicines or supplements for small children.

The vision of AYUDA PROJECT is to give a bright future to the children who are facing various problems. We believe that the number of unemployment will increase and the number of people suffering from poverty will increase.




We have been doing various small charities, but it is impossible for us to help everyone, and the economy will get worse this year, 2021. I would like to show some light to the children who have dreams and hopes, and would like to support them by establishing schools, and providing support to children who do not have parents. We would like to continue to expand our activities with your help.

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AYUDA PROJECT would like to establish schools for underprivileged children, support food for the poor, install solar panels, and provide materials. If you are a company or an individual who would like to support us, we would be very grateful if you could join us in this project.
For application procedures, please contact us using the form.

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